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Thursday, 9 July 2015


Virginia Wolf

During the end of the 1800s in the city of London, in England, there was born a woman that would change the perspective of literature in that time. Her name was Virginia Wolf, who born in a middle class family. From the moment she was a child she felt the difference between man and women as she saw how her brothers went to school and university while she remained at home. This would make her later one of the main feminist in literature on her age.

Virginia was the centre of the modern literature (Bloomsbury), as Eliot describes in his obituary for Virginia. “Without Virginia Woolf at the centre of it, it would have remained formless or marginal…With the death of Virginia Woolf; a whole pattern of culture is broken.” The Bloomsbury Group was the literature circle that Virginia had that started meeting for ‘Thursday Evenings’ at Gordon Square, London in 1906, o later be called as the unofficial “Bloomsbury Group”.

In the literature of Virginia there was a change of the perspective of people. As Virginia said once, people in the Victorian era were different of people nowadays. That is why her stile and character had a new undertone different than the ones in her time. This happened mainly because of the influence of the end of the Victorian era and the catastrophic scenes of the First World War, adding that she had a tough childhood.

Despite these achieves obtained by Virginia Wolf she committed suicide in January of 1941. This happened because she had several mental problems that caused her being unstable mentally. This illness probably occurred because of the traumas of her childhood, the soon death of her parents and her more close brother, and also being raped by her half-brother. A sad end for a revolutionary. 

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