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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tecnology Story

Hunting in Africa
 Oce upon a time a short time a go, there were two friends who's names were Charlie, Jungi and Carmona. They were in a hunting trip through Africa. They were planing to stay 3 weeks in Africa hunting elefants, but they didn't knew there lifes would chance for ever because of the errrors of tecnology. As any other day the group of friends started their natural road across the sabana, of course they had a Savnat that guieded their trip. After hunting a a pair of elefants they started they way back to their hut, but their Savnat was out of battery. They couldn´t found the way of the sabana, they walked in circules.  Sudenly a lyon jumped out of now where and lethal injured Charlie, he died instantenely. In the descesperation and hungry of Jungi and Carmona they ate Charlie to survive. The days and the weeks passed a way and Jungi murdered Carmona when he was sleping and he finally ate him. The body´s of Charlie and Carmona where found 5 years later, but Jungi was never found any more. The legend says he stills lives in the sabana and he murdered and ate everybody who tries to pass trough the sabana.

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