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Sunday, 28 August 2016


A Day to Remember

Martin Luther King shook the nation from the Lincoln Monument

WASHINGTON D.C. - The nation witnessed probably the most emotive speech in their history. Luther King was very touching and precise with his words and ideas. He approached the crowd with eloquence and facility.

“I have a dream”. Four simple words stacked in the heads of every citizen of this nation. Martin Luther King this time has prepared a perfectly studied speech which was designated to remind us that freedom is something that everyone deserves. The public shouted out loud all their resentment against this segregation system in harmony with the words of Martin Luther.

It is impressive to appreciate the impact this speech had in the USA, and this happened because of the clever selection of topics and words by Martin Luther King. He, for example, uses in his speech powerful themes such as freedom and justice, themes that everyone can relate to and also want to reach. Freedom, a word which so much meaning for the USA, here we are proud of our courts, economy and democracy that are supposed to be the greatest expression of freedom in the world. But have we really reached real freedom? This is what Martin Luther King wants the citizens to thing while he speaks, how could we call our country “free” if equality does not exist? Is there a real justice in this country?

Also the way Martin portrays his feelings in the speech by talking about afroamerican segregation by his point of view. He talks about a certain dream a dream he has, a dream that he wants to someday achieve. Martin is positive when referring to segregation he believes in a future where every man in this country would be equal. A future of harmony.  A future we all hope.

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