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Monday, 13 April 2015

Task 1

I was sitting on my desk in English classes, when my teacher started talking about the mass media and the impact of the media in our life. Then our teacher, to give us an idea of what media is she gave us some examples, between those examples she named blogs. I classmate of mine raised his hand and asked the teacher why blogs are count as mass media if no one uses them, especially young people. I was surprised with the reaction of my partner, but in a certain way I felt he was right. I didn´t know anybody of my age that has the habit of blogging. Intrigued with the blog issue, when I got home that day, I searched about the state of blogs nowadays and what I found an article that was about the decay of blogs in the society. The author of the articles said that blogs had reached their saturated point of popularity and that the main reason of the declination of blogs popularity was that the younger generations moved on to another types of media, like Facebook or Twitter (in the year 2006 a 50% of the younger users of blogs (12 to 25 years old) end up their use and accounts of blogs). Therefore, I am writing this blog entry to motivate the use of blog in young people by explaining to them the benefits, why they are useful and what the things you can do in blogs. I choose a blog entry because it represents the theme I am supporting and I also choose it cause I think a should be an example to follow for the youth, by doing a blog entry.
Blog Entry
Blog may be something odd for young people nowadays, but once it was popular for a big variety of ages. Between the years 2000 and 2006 blogs was the “gold age” for blogs, at that time blogging was something more common for the youth than what it is today. The youth of these days are not in the habit of blogging, this habit of using blogs as something common is lost in the new generation. So, why blogs loosed popularity in young people? This is because people moved on to another types of media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, in other. One of the reasons people moved to other media was that they didn’t see any benefits by blogging so they stop using them.
There are many benefits and things that you can do in blogs the platform of blogs open you a world of possibilities. Blogs are very useful to start a business, in a blog you can build up a name for your new company. In blogs you can upload advertisements of your company and you can also make blog your company homepage or put links to yours company main page in blogs, so people can know what you company does, the services that you give and the products you have. Blogs are also useful to make insight (is when you build an emotional link between your company and the consumers). Insight is one of the best ways you can get your company known by people, insight is also useful to make people prefer your products than others, not because there are better or cheaper, but because they fell in touch with your company, that’s what insight does. Therefore, if you want to run a company blogs can make you success in easier way.
Blogs are also useful to share your personal vague. If you want to share to the world what is happening to you or what you are thinking blogs are a very viable path. In a blog you can upload whatever you like, you can make blog your personal diary or a trip dairy. If you are young and you feel that no one hears you and understands how you feel with blogs you can get in touch with people that think and feel like you. Your blog can be your way to express yourself the world. You can upload funny things, if you like writing or drawing you can post your work in your blog so people all around the world, and if your blog goes viral you can win money with it, by uploading cap chats of advertisements of companies that would pay you greats amounts of money for each visit your blog has.
If you like journalism you can blog your own news. You can make blog your “newspaper” there you can share whatever kind of news you like; you can upload news of your neighbourhood or bigger news of national or international level. The good thing that a blogs have for the writer is that there is no censorship. In newspapers there is an editor line that controls what is being published in the newspaper; instead in blog you are freer of expression. Apart of writing news you can also comment news or acts. In blogs you are free to give your opinion about the news and acts, your opinion as a common people may be interesting for the reader. Writing new in blog can open you a path into professional journalism, and it gives you a great experience of what is being journalist.
Blogs is a place where you can share your knowledge to the world. In a blog you can upload information about a scientific area. You can blog scientific articles, essays, investigations, etc. In a blog you can make a discussion of scientifically important issues. You can make your blog your personal Encyclopaedia by posting what you have been learning in classes or by yourself and then share it with your public.
Young people thing that blogs are not important in the media, but they are important. Blog is a way where the news and info are not controlled or censored, in blogs you have a free speech, so you can say thing in there without fear. Blog help “desmonopolizate” the media, so that people don´t have only one perspective of the whole story. Blogs, I think, are like the media that the people control, there is full transparency and there are no political and social differences, blogs are for everyone they are free to be used.
In conclusion there are benefits that you can get by blogging, and blog can be very useful for the youth to win money, start a company, and share your opinion or life. And that it is important for the society that the new generations are open to integrate blog to their life style, so that this important media doesn´t lose against the others media.

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