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Sunday, 28 August 2016


A Day to Remember

Martin Luther King shook the nation from the Lincoln Monument

WASHINGTON D.C. - The nation witnessed probably the most emotive speech in their history. Luther King was very touching and precise with his words and ideas. He approached the crowd with eloquence and facility.

“I have a dream”. Four simple words stacked in the heads of every citizen of this nation. Martin Luther King this time has prepared a perfectly studied speech which was designated to remind us that freedom is something that everyone deserves. The public shouted out loud all their resentment against this segregation system in harmony with the words of Martin Luther.

It is impressive to appreciate the impact this speech had in the USA, and this happened because of the clever selection of topics and words by Martin Luther King. He, for example, uses in his speech powerful themes such as freedom and justice, themes that everyone can relate to and also want to reach. Freedom, a word which so much meaning for the USA, here we are proud of our courts, economy and democracy that are supposed to be the greatest expression of freedom in the world. But have we really reached real freedom? This is what Martin Luther King wants the citizens to thing while he speaks, how could we call our country “free” if equality does not exist? Is there a real justice in this country?

Also the way Martin portrays his feelings in the speech by talking about afroamerican segregation by his point of view. He talks about a certain dream a dream he has, a dream that he wants to someday achieve. Martin is positive when referring to segregation he believes in a future where every man in this country would be equal. A future of harmony.  A future we all hope.

Task 1

Racism has been a debatable topic throughout United States history. The first big event that involved afroamerican freedom was the Civil War, where afroamerican people won their "freedom”. But this freedom wasn’t total, segregation continuous to exist in the law and people of the United States. Here is where one man got over all and fought for their rights, and his name was Martin Luther King. From that moment in the early 60 until now equality in the United States is supposed to be guaranteed, but what would Martin Luther King have thought about racism now a days, is there a real freedom? Finally the world he dreamed is real?

Now a day maybe Martin would be proud of how the country has improve their justice cords and the society in general to become a more tolerant place. But he would know that it also can be better. It is right that from the time of Martin Luther King the government and the majority of the USA citizens had try to change the laws and stereotypes of afroamericans, and they have succeed, but they are not close to the dream of King. Racism is still present in the USA and is strong, stereotypes are hard to change, and some people still have repudiation towards afroamerican, this is shown with more than 50 parties across the United States that have declared they are racist. Also this is shown in the salary stats, where afroamericans are the ones with the lowest average. 



Sunday, 27 March 2016

Duet Analysis

List of words

Duet is a poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson, who was the Laureate poet of Queen Victorian from 1850 until his death. If we go straight ahead to the title of this poem it immediately suggests that the course of the poem will be directed by two voices as lyric speakers who will probably agree on the theme they discuss or describe, because duets are supposed to be something agreeable, therefore the word “Duet” in the title also gives the impression of harmony and musicality. Also if we address the title we can infer that the “duet” is probably talking about love.

After reading the poem you can notice that the there are two different voices that act as the lyric speaker of the poem. These two voices are having a talk about love; while they discuss the provenance of a thing they call “the voice” through the description of the nature that surrounds them.

On the poem the author uses a wide range of selected words to embellish his verses and to give strong images that greatly add to the theme of the poem, like when he uses the word deep. This word refers firstly that love is a deep feeling of us, something that we all carefully hide in our deepest self. In the poem the word “voice” is something that Tennyson uses to represent the messages that our heart (love) tries to send to us and that sometimes we don’t like to hear it or maybe we just do not recognize as the voice of our heart. That is why the author usually combines these two words like in verse 2 and 6 where he says “the voice of the deep” doing a clear reference to what we commonly call the voice of the heart. In addition, it is necessary to highlight that Lord Tennyson uses the nature as the base of the image he is trying to express in his poem, shown in almost every verse of the poem like 2, 4, 6, 10, and others, this is because Tennyson in this poem tries to convey the literature movement of that age, which was Romanticism, a literary movement that combines the life and feelings of man with nature.

Addressing the attitude of the poem I feel that the tone of the poem is of ignorance and in contradiction understanding of love because in the poem the first voice (1) finishes his ideas always with a question mark as it is shown in verses 2, 8, and 12. This voice uses question mark because he represents the ignorance of love. While the other voice (2) answers the questions that voice (1) does, to finally at the end of the poem, unveil the mysteries of love.

Moving on to the shifts of the poem, there is only one in the whole poem, there is not a real change of topic or mood during the whole poem, the shift starts with voice (1) asking what was he hearing to voice (2), verse 1 and 2, then they tried to approach to discover what the “deep voice” (love) is and finally at the end of the poem the voices agree and answer where love comes from and what should be done with it.

Tennyson in his poem successfully describes one of the hottest themes in the narrations of humanity from even before writing existed, which is love. We can see this throughout the whole poem like in verses 11, 13 or 19 when he says deliberately the word love and he uses metaphors and the dialogue between the two voices play with the word love so he can show more easily what he understands of love.

In terms of the structure of the poem, there is only one stanza which has 20 verses. The rhyme pattern that the poem presents are 3 which in order are ABCBDBDB (verses 1 to 8) EFFB(verses 9 to 12) GBDD (verses 13 to 16) , the rest of the verses do not present a rhyme. This means that the poem presents an octave rhyme pattern followed by two quatrain rhyme.  Tennyson uses these rhyme schemes to give dynamism the poem, but more importantly what these rhymes give to the poem is musicality which is something that is directly related with the title of the poem, that's why Tennyson uses a lot of rhymes in B.

Alluding to the devices used in the poem, we can recognize metaphor (verses 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15,19, 20) personification (verse 17, 18) parallelism (verses 1 and 5, 9 and 11, 13 and 17), and others that are not as important as these ones in the poem. One metaphor of the poem that's worth to analyses is the following:

“No but the voice of the deep as it hollows the cliffs of the land”

This metaphor expresses the most important thing that Tennyson wants to establish in his poem; that love is powerful. We can assure this from the powerful and beautiful image that the metaphor provides us, which is that love is so powerful that it can hollow a cliff and land, that love is unbeatable and unstoppable.  
Also an interesting verse to analyses is the next one

“Nay let him make it his own, let him
reign in it - he, it is he”

This is a clear personification because the poet talks about love at is was a “he”. This literary device is used to show love as an entity that thinks by himself. Tennyson talks about love as something independent in a man, something that is destined to rule man because as it is said in the poem “he, it is he”, which means love makes a man what he is.
“Love that is born of deep coming
Up with the sun from the sea”

In this metaphor we can see what I said previously that love is the deepest feeling of mankind. Tennyson here is clearly appealing to the basis of romanticism by comparing the birth of love with the birth of the sun from the sea; he compares this because the sun seems to rise upon the deepness of the sea as love rises from the deepest feelings of a man.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Setting time and place

1) a) According to the text what makes this place special is that people in here don`t care about the things that are happening apart from what happens in Maycomb Country and that there is segregations between poor and rich people and coloured and white ones
b) What things I think are universal are the discrimination that happens in there. Also I think that  the way people looked at how much they earn or have before getting involved with them.
c) I think that nowadays there is less racist problems than at that time, but this doesn´t. mean there are not. But I also think people still look at the social status of a person before getting involved with them

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


In the last years the media have been the centre of our culture, the main canal of information in our time and, therefore, media can be considered the pillar of globalization. And for this reason many people have been asking themselves does society control the media or is the media controlling us? You may think that what you see on TV or on the newspapers may not have such an impact in your daily life or in your way of thinking, but is this completely true?; do media have this capacity to shape people according to what is the medium message? Through this essay I will be discussing the possible answer to these questions.
First if it’s true that media can control people thoughts and action in what we can see this? A clear example of the impact that the media has in us are advertisements, because advertisements are made to, to “convince” the audience that they should buy their products. But what they are really doing is controlling people thoughts by introducing in their minds catchy phrases and images that would make them buy their product. This is what ads try to do on people: that they should thing their services are the best and that they should use them, this is clearly a way where the media is controlling the way people is thinking.
Also the impact that the media has in the way that people is thinking is the news. When you see the new in TV the information that the announcer is giving is changing the way you are thinking. The human mind is like a computer, it works according to the information that it has. So when you are seeing something in the new that’s false but the news show this as something that entirely real and gives facts to give the new veracity, you as a person is going to think this false information is true and it may have change your way of thinking. Example of this is when a country is under a dictatorial government. You may be thinking what’s this has to do with media; it is visible that in a dictatorship one of the first things that the government take control of is all type of informational mediums because of the impact they have in society. In a dictatorship one of the worst things they want to have is an ideology that goes against the dictatorship this is way in this case the government censors the media and gives false news in some cases so they could shape people into what they like.
 There are many cases of people that were people that supported the dictatorship but when this government ended and they notify the abuses the dictatorships did to some people they wish they never had thought that the dictatorship was good.  A real case of this is what happened in Chile during the “Golpe de Estado” of Augusto Pinochet where many Chileans claim the dictatorial government, but they did not realized that the government was breaking the humans rights of many people along the country, as Guillermo Ramirez said to tv 13 referring to the violation of the humans right during the military government “Había gente que trabajó en el gobierno de Pinochet y nunca vio nada" “There were people that worked in Pinochet´s government that never saw nothing”.
On the other hand there you also can say that the media do not control our thought as the previous arguments said. What it is said to support this idea is that at last we are the one who decide what to think and to do, so in this case the media does not have a control of our mind because we are free to think what we want to, and if we saw an advertisement we are not necessarily going to buy this product and if we do is because we decided to buy it not cause the media told us to do it.

In conclusion after seeing the different point of view to answer the initial questions of the essay I think that the media does have a really important impact in the way society thinks. But of course I also share that we as persons have the last word, the media is huge factor to consider when we ask ourselves what the way society sees the world. So finally I can say I think that the media has the capacity to control minds.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Argumentative Essay

Theme: All water resources should be controlled by the government

1) The government has the duty of controlling the access and the distribution of water in the countries and is working.
2)  For my it is not negative that private enterprizes manage the water resources they have their rights
3) I thing there should be a special tax to this companies
In this essay I´m going to refer if it´s is necessary for a government to control the complete function that has the extraction of water instead if a private company.
4) las empresas tienen fines de lucro, es lo mas negativo que le veo a que lo manejen privados
5)pese a que si el gobierno

Thursday, 9 July 2015


Virginia Wolf

During the end of the 1800s in the city of London, in England, there was born a woman that would change the perspective of literature in that time. Her name was Virginia Wolf, who born in a middle class family. From the moment she was a child she felt the difference between man and women as she saw how her brothers went to school and university while she remained at home. This would make her later one of the main feminist in literature on her age.

Virginia was the centre of the modern literature (Bloomsbury), as Eliot describes in his obituary for Virginia. “Without Virginia Woolf at the centre of it, it would have remained formless or marginal…With the death of Virginia Woolf; a whole pattern of culture is broken.” The Bloomsbury Group was the literature circle that Virginia had that started meeting for ‘Thursday Evenings’ at Gordon Square, London in 1906, o later be called as the unofficial “Bloomsbury Group”.

In the literature of Virginia there was a change of the perspective of people. As Virginia said once, people in the Victorian era were different of people nowadays. That is why her stile and character had a new undertone different than the ones in her time. This happened mainly because of the influence of the end of the Victorian era and the catastrophic scenes of the First World War, adding that she had a tough childhood.

Despite these achieves obtained by Virginia Wolf she committed suicide in January of 1941. This happened because she had several mental problems that caused her being unstable mentally. This illness probably occurred because of the traumas of her childhood, the soon death of her parents and her more close brother, and also being raped by her half-brother. A sad end for a revolutionary.