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Monday, 12 May 2014

Summary of the Bloody Sunday

The events of the events of Bloody Sunday caused shock all across the world. In Dublin, a crowd of protesters burnt the British Embassy in revenge of the events, equally the Bloody Sunday moved young people to join the IRA.

In this event there were many people involved, the army, the rioters and citizens. In terms of the murders the army was the responsible, the key people involved in this case were:

Coronel Wilford

He was directly in charge of all the operation, that had the objective of arrest the rioters. He was in charge to protect the public, arrest the troublemakers and to his troops back to the base unharmed.

The soldiers

In the case of the soldiers there are different cases there someones who fired without a justification, they had no reason to opened fire in that occasion. But as well there are two soldiers that had reason to shoot.

General Sir Robert Ford

He set the strategy of the operation he order the soldier to shoot if there was necessary (but not to kill). The inquiry concluded that he was not responsable of the events happened in the Bloody Sunday, the only thing he did wrong is to send the wrong unit, Para 1, because this unit had the reputation to use excessive violence.

This are the most relevant people involved, there are people that are incent and someones that might be not. The Investigation will said it.

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