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Monday, 21 April 2014

The Catcher in the Rye

Short Story

First of all, my name is Stradtaler; I am 18 years old, study in Pencey Prep. The rest of my personal stuffs are not a relevant thing to discuss. Today there was this important game, the last of the year, between Pencey and Saxon Hall. I watched the game until half time the game was quite boring so I left the field, anyway I would had to leave the match because I had to be ready for a date I had in that afternoon. So I run to my room, which was in Ossenburger Memorial Wing. There was a pretty cold weather and I was cold until I get to my room. In my room there where my roommate, Holden two years younger than me and with a special personality, and this bastard who lives next door, called Ackley. I didn´t likes Ackley, but for my luck I only said hello to Ackley, considering that he leaved immediately the room.

I was with alone with Holden in the room, I was preparing myself for the date, and he was just horsing around, he was quite irritating. Then suddenly I remember the composition I have to done for English. I wouldn´t have time to do it after the date, and I have to read for some pages of Social Studies for Monday, damn I had to do something, I cannot miss my date . Then I had this clever idea, how about asking Holden to do mi composition. I heard he was good at it, after all English was the only subject he passed.

So I asked Holden if he can do me a big favour doing this composition for me. I felt he wasn´t very enthusiastic to help me out. He answers "I might. I might not" to every question I asked him, damn how I hate that kind of answer, that’s the easy way to not get involved in a commitment. He asked me; anyway, what my composition has to be about. I told him that it has to be about anything descriptive, like a house, a room or something you lived in. As he didn´t give me a right away answer, I flattered him a little to make him want to write mi composition, but he continued saying he might do it or he might not do it, he was a bastard and selfish as hell, I didn´t like him, but I didn´t hate him too. It wasn´t like me relation with Ackley, I hate that sonuvabitch.  

Holden asked me who I was dating. I wasn´t in humour to continued talking to him, but as I need him to do mi composition I had to answer. Equally, I couldn´t said too much about her I had only meet her that day. Even though I knew a little about her, I knew she was familiar with Holden, she told me that when I meet her. I didn´t know how a girl like she can be familiar with Holden. Holden looked surprise, he asked me about her name. I told him her name was Jane Gallagher, without interest.

In the moment I said her name I saw excitement reflected in his eyes. Holden said that I was right. He told me quite enough things about her, but I wasn´t paying attention to what he was saying, none one seem interesting. The only I can remember now is that her stepfather used to go around the hole house naked with Jane around, that’s all I remember and I remember it because I found it funny. I was to concentrated fixing appearence to played attention to what Holden was saying. After telling me how they knew each other, he said that he was going down to say hello to her like ten times, he only said words and did nothing, it was very annoying. He was paranoiac about this girl; he asked me more details about the date what I planned to do with her, where I was taking her, etc.                                                                                                                  

After pretend I was listening to what he was saying, I was finally going to my date, before I leaved I told him again to do my composition, he didn´t answer he only asked me to give Jane his regards (A thing I forgot to do). I´m not feel like going into details of how my date was. So I guess I´m going to leave my story up to here.

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