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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Task 1

Racism has been a debatable topic throughout United States history. The first big event that involved afroamerican freedom was the Civil War, where afroamerican people won their "freedom”. But this freedom wasn’t total, segregation continuous to exist in the law and people of the United States. Here is where one man got over all and fought for their rights, and his name was Martin Luther King. From that moment in the early 60 until now equality in the United States is supposed to be guaranteed, but what would Martin Luther King have thought about racism now a days, is there a real freedom? Finally the world he dreamed is real?

Now a day maybe Martin would be proud of how the country has improve their justice cords and the society in general to become a more tolerant place. But he would know that it also can be better. It is right that from the time of Martin Luther King the government and the majority of the USA citizens had try to change the laws and stereotypes of afroamericans, and they have succeed, but they are not close to the dream of King. Racism is still present in the USA and is strong, stereotypes are hard to change, and some people still have repudiation towards afroamerican, this is shown with more than 50 parties across the United States that have declared they are racist. Also this is shown in the salary stats, where afroamericans are the ones with the lowest average. 



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