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Sunday, 30 November 2014

The kite runner analysis

Panel 1
In the picture I can see the Amir spying his father and Rahim Kahn, in left size of the panel there is a staircase. Rahim Kahn, that is looking at Amir, and Baba are sitting in a blue and a green couch and they are having tea. At the back of the panel there is a golden lamp and a carpet that seems to be expensive. The light of the panel can give us the idea that it is the afternoon.

The image uses the lights to express feelings like the dark that’s surrounding Amir express sadness. Baba in the panel seems to be meditating something and he haven´t notice the presence of Amir, while Rahim Khan is surprise looking at Amir, Rahim Khan seems to be worried and at the same time sorry of what Amir had heart in the conversation that he and Baba were having.

Panel 2
There is Baba with a pipe in the hand finally noticing Amir, Amir is supported in the staircase looking at Baba, behind Amir there are some furniture like a closet and a curtain. In the picture I can see that Baba is surprised about Amir´s presence while Amir is in the back of the room surrounded by darkness his face reflects deception and sadness, he seems to be touched by something. He probably was hurt by something Baba had said.

Panel 3
Amir is running out of the house and crying at the same time, Rahim Khan stood up to follow Amir while Baba is comfortably sited in the couch. For me Amir seems to be very sad, and he can’t hold his tears and he runs because he is embarrassed. Rahim Khan seems to understand Amir feeling and he wants to comfort him. Baba seems to not care about the situation.

Panel 4
In this panel I can see Hassan and his father, which are wearing poor clothes, staring at Amir while they are working cleaning the entrance of the house. Amir is running outside of the house in what it seems to be the front garden. It is a sunny day and the entrance of the house has neat grass. The house is big, of a wealthy family. Amir is very sad and lost in his thought he has barely saw Hasan and his father looking at him.

Panel 5
The panel show us Hasan and his father. They are both holding his brooms, and at the same time Hassan´s father is holding Hassan. Hassan is worried about Amir, he wanted to go to comfort Amir but his father stopped him, in his father his expression I think what he is thinking is let him solved on his own.

Panel 6
Amir is running and Rahim is following him he tries to stop him to leave. There is just one step behind the front gate. Rahim  says that what Amir heard was no what his father meant, Rahim wants to solve this thing with Amir, but Amir things his father hates him because of his mom dying when he born. I think Rahim appreciates Amir and he take care of him and want him to be happy.

Panel 7

In this panel we can see Amir and Rahim, Rahim kneads Amir’s head. Rahim is surprised about what Amir had says he doesn’t understands that. I think Rahim is more a father to Amir than Baba because he is more close to him than what Baba is, and Baba is too rude to Amir, he demands him too much.

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