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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Global Warming is the main environmental problem facing us nowadays?

In this essay I will be discussing if global warming is a real problem that facing us today. This is an issue very controversial nowadays in all kind of social and educational levels, such as common people, scientists, businessmen's and politicians. I will examine the arguments in favor to the motion and the ones against it. For people who don´t know what global warming is, it can be summarised in a process that makes the earth to increase the global temperature.

Firstly why this issue is considered the main environmental problem facing us today? That´s asimple question to ask, according to About News, scientific have proves that determined that humans activities have had a directly impact in the atmosphere of the planet earth, that causes that the earth temperature is increasing dramatically in the last century. So why does this represents such an important problem for the planet and the living organism, thats because this change in the temperature of the planet is can change ecosystems that normally are surrounded by woods are becoming dessert because of this change in the temperature, this also affects the agricultural crops, therefore, humans can have shortages of food. According to weather savvy, the desert Sahara has expanded 250 000 squares meters in the last 50 years. There also are people that are continuously studying the poles and they have register a step back of the pole. This are things mankind has to be worried about

In the other hand, according to 
Charlotte Meredith, global warming is something that we don't have to be worried about. He says global warming is just a natural change of the earth, they say the earth pass through periods of higher and lower temperature and that nowadays were are passing through a period of high temperature, and like in the Ice Age is going to pass. Another people says that the changes of temperature are to low that we don't have to be worried about it. According to Town Hall magazine said that there hasn't  been a increase in the temperature of the earth since 1997, so what the magazine is saying that if nowadays there is no global warming, of what we are worried about?

To summarise, on one side someones says that this is a big problem nowadays because is making ecosystem changes in the earth and is making the deserts to expand and the poles to melt. On the other hand some scientific says that this is a period the earth is passing through or that is to minimum to be worried about. In my opinion global arming is the main environmental problem facing us today, because there are proofs that demonstrate that the desserts are expanding and the poles melting, thats something I thing mankind must be completely worried about. To stop this I thing companies have to reduce the emissions of their 

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