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Thursday, 19 June 2014


After Maximus reveals his name to Comudus and the crowd of the Coliseum, Maximus leaves proudly the Arena saying nothing. Besides Comudus is astonished , he never expected that Maximus, the men that he ordered to kill a long time ago was there in front of him and he can’t do anything against him, because the people supports Maximus known as the Spaniard. Comudus finally leaves the Arena with the head down. He goes into the corridors of the Coliseum. He stops in front of a stone door, he opened the door and entered to a room, that has only a table in the middle and two sits. In the shadows of the room a person was waiting for the Emperor.

Comudus: ‘Hitting the table with anger’ How could this happened, I remember that I said clearly “kill him”; I felt the people and him were laughing at me, it was the embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me. And what do I have to do now? I can kill him, or else the people will hate me more than what they do now.

Adviser: My lord, I suggest you make a strategy to decrease the popularity of this gladiator. You can make bad advertising of the Spaniard, spread rumours.

Comudus: But that would not necessarily make me more popular to the people. And anyway, how can I kill him without making the people anger.

Adviser: ‘Walking around the room’ If you want to be more popular you can give away bread and other foods to the people, they would by happy with, the people is easy to satisfy. The other problem is even easier; you can challenge him to a battle that’s something he will not reject.

Comudus: But what if he kills me I can be sure that I will succeed in the battle.

Adviser: ‘Smiling’ That will be not a problem, before the battle you have to order someone to make him a lethal injury, so when he enters to the arena he will be weak and about to die, there is no a reason chance that you can lose.

Comudus: ‘Smiling with wickedness’ So what are we waiting to put out the plan.

‘Comudus and the adviser leave the room’

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