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Thursday, 15 May 2014


Prime Minister David Cameron
Downing Street 10

Dear Mr Cameron

I am writing to express my cocern about the consecuences of the murders of the called Bloody Sunday. I understand that the some people want to take the soldiers that murder that people to justice.

I am particulary concerned about what soldiers are going to be condemn to prision. The soldiers had orders of their supiriors to open fire if they saw a protestan doing something weird or danger for the people ( in the protest and out of it). It is important to recognise the principal guilty is are the supiriors that were in charge of the operation of the Bloody Sunday, but some soldiers were as guilty as them. Some soldiers opened fire with no reson, only one (private T) open fire because a protestant was hurting onather. Aside if this soldier, the other ones a must be hited with all the wieght of law.
The fact is that the soldiers and supiriors must face the law as they were comun people. The can not be inmune because they were part of the army, they had made a mistake and they have to pay for it. Do you know how it feels to lose a close familiar and bisede to know that the ones who did this are not going to be punisht. People who were not involved in the protest were murder by this soldiers. They were pasing trow that place and were shoot for nothing.

The consequence of this will be very damaging for society. People will not feel save with a soldier at his side because they think the can do anything they wanted with a gun. People will feel that if you are a soldier you can kill anyone and does not have to face the law. Therefore this episode has became a burden for people in North England, I think that if you condemn the soldiers, as it should be, the conflicts on North Ireland will be in under control, people in North Ireland wants justice.

It is for this reasons that I think that the soldiers must be condemn, each one for his case, and that the supiriors must be condemn with even more sentence than the soldiers, because they were the ones in charge of the mision. I think this actions will help the goverment to fortify the relationship beetwen the British goverment and the North Irish people.

Your Sincerely

Felipe Fuentes

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