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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Write a story

The mysterious plastic bag

It was a ordinary day in Santiago, Mark was on his way to work when, while he was walking trough the street, he saw a plastic bag on the street that was contaminating the image of the street. Mark aproge to pick up the bag and he realice that the bag has full of money. Mark was astonished, there wore probaly like 5000000 $ of dolars in cash. Mark looked up if there was someone who misted the money but he didn't find anybody. Mark got back to his work, and after work he called the police. They took the money with them and told Mark that they will informe him of the case.

Two weeks later Mark, the police called  him to a meet in the Central Bank of Chile, in there they ask some questions to Mark, that he answered, and they let him go. Mark was confused of this hole tramit, but apperintly this tramit are going to change Mark life. The next day Mark was surprised with the visited of the president of the Central Bank, he told Mark that the money he gave to the police have been crusial to captured a famuos Bank robbery. The president give his regrets to Mark and because of his help and honesty he give 1 million dollars as a price to Mark! He couldn't belived he was astonish and happy at the same time. The life of Mark change drasticly after this accident.

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